Editorial boards

Editorial boards of international scientific journals

1) Journal of Comptational Science, Elsevier: Special Issue on "Modeling and Evaluation of Highly complex Computer Systems Architectures", Mauro Iacono, Marco Gribaudo, Joanna Kolodziej and Florin Pop eds.
Lead guest editor

2) International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, De Gruyter: Special session on "Complex problems in High Performance Computing Systems", Mauro Iacono and Joanna Kolodziej eds.
Guest editor

3) Journal of High Speed Networks (IOS Press, ISSN 0926-6801/1875-8940)
Editorial board member

4) Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience (ISSN: 1532-0634), Wiley: Special Issue "Advances in Modelling and Simulation for Big-data Applications" (AMSBA2014), Florin Pop, Mauro Iacono, Marco Gribaudo and Joanna Kolodziej eds.
Guest editor