Programma del corso

Database Management Systems, database architectures, the role of data in decisional processes, the processes that guide the data lifecycle.
Relational databases design and implementation: Entity-Relationship model, Relational model, SQL.
Information need, sources and users, the information pyramid and data attributes; relationship among data; the data life cycle; relationship between data life cycle and Software Development Life Cycle.
Information value and quality in the Big Data era; principles of information value; the Moody & Walsh laws; principles of data quality; web data quality: Trustworthiness and Provenance.
Data Lifecycle Management (DLM): the use of DLM in data processing for scientific purposes; analysis and comparison of well-known DLM: DataOne, USGS, Hindawi. Redacting customized DLM.
Big Data and privacy regulation: ethics of privacy; basics on the privacy regulations in some countries: general principles, right of users, accountability and policies; privacy by design and by default; main techniques to enforce personal data protection: data obfuscation techniques (anonymization, pseudonimization, blurring, etc.).