Course presentation

The Architecture of Computer Systems course aims at providing the students with the basic knowledge and the fundamental principles needed to understand the functioning, organization and foundational principles of computer systems, with particular attention to aspects related to performance. The course is organized in four parts: the first presents the essential aspects of the theoretical principles of automatic calculation and of the architecture of a computer system; the second describes the main hardware components and the general logic; the third is dedicated to advanced architectural solutions used to improve the performance of a computer; the fourth is dedicated to a brief introduction to operating systems and their low-level aspects.

Lab activities will focus on exercises about fundamental models of computing and low-level programming of a simulated processor.

Suggested textbook
William Stallings, "Computer Organization and architecture: designing for performances 10/ed", Pearson, ISBN: 9789332570405 (Indian edition) or 9781292096858 (international edition)